Orichalcum 9+3 free solo route

Some of you are mining harder than a coal worker. After Iron, Silver, Starmetal and Platinum you will be looking for Orichalcum. This endgame ore can be quite challenging to gather. We found a spot where you can get your juicy ore without killing a single enemy (green circle). If you think you can handle lvl 62 elites , you can go for the other spots too (yellow circle).

You will get 10 Free spots and some stonks on Orichalcum. You will find our suggested spot in West Ebonscale Reach. Jump down once you are on the island , and you are good to go. You will find the ores around the coast.

Solo Orichalcum Spot in New World – Ebonscale Reach
Best Orichalcum Route in New World – Map

Below you can see the explanations to the Orichalcum Map

Spot 9

when you walk in beware the Boss and his friends. just gather the green ones. You will aggro if you try to get the orange one.

9 – best Orichalcum Route in New World

Spot 12

Walk up the ramp and climb up some rocks, you will see it!

12 – best Orichalcum Route in New World

The whole run will take you around 15 minutes. Once you are done , you will need to wait for like 5-10 minutes for the first ore to spawn.

Dont stand on the ore, or it wont respawn. I decide to stand in the water and cool off after the hard work!

Best Orichalcum Route for Solo Players in New World

Hope this could help you.

If you need to check the spawns yourself or want to see where you can find nodes for other professions, check newworld-map for a detailed map.

War Mode PVP Video

Yesterday IGN had a livestream covering the first War Mode PVP Battle.

Also bookmark us for future content when the Closed Beta releases in July. The NDA gets lifted!

New World Closed Beta

Amazon announced the start of the Closed Beta. It is July 23rd 2020.

You can register for the Beta on the New World website. Furthermore you will get guaranteed access if you preorder the game.

The Beta will last until the release in August. Amazon said that most of the content will be in the beta , and the NDA will be lifted.

Expect more news on New World when people are free to share everything they find out!

If you want to get a quick overview on Patchnotes News and Guides , make sure to bookmark our site.

See you soon in Aeternum!

Siege Weapons in New World

Today we have a short explanation on siege weapons in New World.

Attackers and defenders have different options in warfare. The following picture shows you the attackers weapons of choice.

Attackers Siege Weapons in New World

The Defenders have more choices. On the other hand some Weapons are the same.

The Repeater Turret is the same as the Repeater Platform from the attackers. The Ballista and the Cannon Platform also just differ by name and visuals.

Nevertheless the defenders have the Horn of Resilience. This weapon is a very strong tool (similar to Bloodlust in World of Warcraft).

The defensive Weaponry will also be used during Invasions.

Defender Siege Weapons in New World

Traps are available for attackers and defenders as you see on the last picture.

Traps for Attackers and Defenders New World

We are looking forward to show you how strong each side is , when the beta releases and the NDA is gone.

While we are waiting for the Beta, we want to help you getting a key.

Everything you need to know you will find on this site.

To shorten the waiting time until release on August 25, 2020 we suggest to check TheBDLG. He made a Video on the New World Siege Weapons.

New World Alpha Key Giveaway – May 2020

The last giveaway for the New World Alpha has finished, according to the official New World Twitter. Nevertheless we are getting some more keys on Wednesday.

Check the official social Media to know when the next opportunity is!

If you dont know where to find informations, just check our Alpha Key Guide.