Siege Weapons in New World

New World Siege

Today we have a short explanation on siege weapons in New World.

Attackers and defenders have different options in warfare. The following picture shows you the attackers weapons of choice.

Attackers Siege Weapons in New World

The Defenders have more choices. On the other hand some Weapons are the same.

The Repeater Turret is the same as the Repeater Platform from the attackers. The Ballista and the Cannon Platform also just differ by name and visuals.

Nevertheless the defenders have the Horn of Resilience. This weapon is a very strong tool (similar to Bloodlust in World of Warcraft).

The defensive Weaponry will also be used during Invasions.

Defender Siege Weapons in New World

Traps are available for attackers and defenders as you see on the last picture.

Traps for Attackers and Defenders New World

We are looking forward to show you how strong each side is , when the beta releases and the NDA is gone.

While we are waiting for the Beta, we want to help you getting a key.

Everything you need to know you will find on this site.

To shorten the waiting time until release on August 25, 2020 we suggest to check TheBDLG. He made a Video on the New World Siege Weapons.